On April 24th 2013 a factory collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in one of the worst industrial disasters in history. 1,129 people died and 2515 were injured. Benetton clothes were found in the rubble, but they are refusing to contribute to the compensation fund for the families of the dead, and the injured survivors.

United with Victims of Benetton is calling on Benetton to #payup. Token donations won’t do, micro loans and ‘skills training’ add insult to injury. We will continue to hold Benetton to account until they pay real compensation to the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund.

I spent two days under the rubble craving water. I did not know when it was day or when it was night. It was all the same to me under the rubble. And they never found my mother’s body.

Mossammat Rebecca Khatun, who lost a foot and a leg in the collapse, one of thousands of victims with life-changing injuries