Take Action

United with Victims of BenettonOxford Street Flagship store lock onOn the 24th May 2014, one year after the Rana Plaza factory collapse 1129 workers died and 2515 were injured people across the world took action against Benetton to pressure them into paying what they owe in compensation.

You can join us and ask Benetton to #payup on the 24th July. There are loads of creative actions you could do with some friends. Take a look at where your local store is.

Things we suggest are:

  • Print off a poster and some fliers and stand outside the shop telling shoppers that Benetton haven’t paid compensation.
  • Occupy the shop and refuse to leave like people in Dublin did.
  • Do a die in and/or read out statements from Benetton’s victims.
  • If you can’t get to a store tweet them with your message and #ranaplaza #payup .@benetton.
  • Lock yourself to their front doors and shut the shop down.

Look forward to hear about what you’ve done.