Die In at Benetton Flagship Store in London


A successful ‘die-in’ was staged at the Benetton flagship store on Oxford street on the 18th June 2014. Click the image to view the video on YouTube.

Some of us read out quotes from workers who were in Rana Plaza inside Benetton stores on Saturday 24th June. Our top tips include having something to read the quotes from (a print out or your phone), get a friend to film it and then share as wide as possible #ranaplaza #payup @benetton. If you are thinking of not leaving the shop after you’ve read the quote then have a look at Green and Black Cross for advice.

“After I left the hospital I took a job at a factory, but I could not continue for more than four months. Whenever there was a fire alarm I started screaming. Even if there was a small sound I had to run away. People thought I was going mad. I had to leave the job, now I am struggling to support my wife and a kid.” – Alamgir Hossain, 27.

“I have four children and my husband can no longer work because he needs to look after me. We are now only living off the money I received when I was in hospital. This is about to be finished and I don’t know what we will do once we spend this money.” – Rabeya Begum, 35, whose legs had to be amputated eight months after the accident due to the injuries she sustained.

“We knew there was some problem with the building. When I went inside with my sister, I realized the problem was serious. Some of us wanted to leave but the production manager would not allow us. He threatened to tell our fathers. Two minutes later the power went out and the building collapsed. My sister’s body was never found.” – Rozina Begum, 24, New Wave Bottom.